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Jet Lag Jack Tours

Small Group Tours of Authentic Ireland

Why Jet Lag Jack?

A Jet Lag Jack tour is a great match if you ...


  • want to meet the authentic people of Ireland who live in small towns and villages

  • prefer small and local B&Bs and Hotels with personality over the international chains

  • are a fan of Irish history and culture

  • love the outdoors but also like your creature comforts

  • are a fan of Irish music and dance; just one kind, or all kinds

  • have the fitness to take the time to walk and explore nooks and crannies … or not

  • are flexible and realize it's Ireland and it rains

  • want to take your time, but also want to see it all

  • like being hosted by knowledgeable Americans who can guess your next question

  • enjoy local tour guides that give you the complete story

  • are young at heart and love the journey!

Your Hosts

We met while attending Georgia Tech in Atlanta a long, long time ago. Jack is an Electrical and Software Engineer as well as an amateur historian. Carol is a Software Engineer and Photographer.

Over the years, we had visited Ireland and fell in love with the country. Both of our families have roots in Ireland and both of us now have our Irish passports.


By the end of 2011, all of our children had flown the coop and Jack had a job offer in Galway, so we boarded an airplane for a 2-year adventure.


After 6 years as residents of Ireland, immersing ourselves in the Irish culture, blogging about it and acting as guides for over 30 groups of family and close friends, we decided to take a leap, and start a tour company focused on small group travel in Ireland.

Carol serves as the Tour Director and Jack as the Tour Designer for Jet Lag Jack Tours.


During the tour, we will be your hosts. Our mission is to make things run smoothly and give you the historical and cultural context of your travels. We will also provide advice and suggestions to make the most of your free time before, during, and after the tour. Jet Lag Jack Tours uses local tour guides when touring the cities and sites of Ireland.


At the end of each day, Jack will be available (over a pint) for informal discussions of the cultural and historical context from the day's travels. These discussions are free ranging and fellow travelers are welcome to contribute.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our Ireland with you!

                                                -- Jack & Carol

What our guests say ...

"Jack and Carol made it very easy for us to have a trip of a lifetime. I hope I get to do it again!​" - Kristy K, Thousand Oaks, CA - July 2022

"The only thing better than Jack and Carol's care toward our plan was the execution....Extra kudos for accommodating both my mother and father's physical limitations." - Eric O., Redwood Ciity, CA - July 2022

"My husband and I have realized that Carol and Jack are the "go to" experts for helping us figure out where to go on our own in Ireland.... Their suggestions are spot on and fit our lifestyle. They know Ireland. You can trust them to lead you in the right direction." - Marty T., Columbia, MO - June 2019

"Carol and Jack always had back up plans if it rained too hard, but were perfectly willing to get as wet as we were willing to get!" - Anne G., Duluth, GA - September 2018

"I can't recommend them enough because we got to see and experience the real essence of Ireland with Jack and Carol who are gracious and knowledgeable tour guides." - Karen H., Alexandria, VA - June 2018

"Treat yourself to some peace of mind and a great time…book with them today!" - Jim B., Atlanta, GA - June 2018

"They are also really in tune about figuring out what you're interested in - history, shopping, culture, art, etc - as well as what your limitations may be - mobility and stamina - and customizing a tour that will fit you." - Rebecca D., San Francisco, CA - June 2018

"We saw a lot of Ireland that we would have never known about without a great deal of research." - Nancy S., San Jose, CA - June 2018 


Even though we didn’t begin to cover the whole island, we felt as if we had an immersive experience that captured the flavor and culture of Ireland and the Irish people through the history, music, pubs, and sites on the tour. If you have never been to Ireland or if you need someone to streamline a trip with expert planning, I recommend Jet Lag Jack Tours! You will be glad you chose them!"-- Joanne C., Media, PA - May 2018

"We had a wonderful trip with Jet Lag Jack Tours -- couldn't have been more pleased. Picked us up right at the airport in Dublin and headed to Galway to begin a very detailed, excellently planned tour. Stayed at wonderful bed and breakfasts and small hotels....Accommodating to us all!...Carol and Jack were super -- we recommend them highly!" -- Glenn and Doug W., Palm Coast, FL - May 2018

"I had a special request to connect with the area from where my family is from in Galway County, and they managed to find some of my relatives there (whom we later met) that I previously was not aware even existed.... Loved the trip, and cannot wait to go back!" -- Karen O., Cherry Hills Village, CO - July 2017


"My customized tour was everything I could have asked for - beautiful, well-known sites and scenery combined with some special requests due to family history, and quaint one-of-a-kind B&Bs." -- Joan S., Springfield, VA - June 2017


"Their knowledge of the country combined with a deep commitment to their clients produce a deeply personal experience." -- Kathy G., Columbus, GA - June 2017


"Jack and Carol are excellent organizers who help guests get the most out of their tour." -- Marjorie D., Reno, NV - September 2016


"The local insight was worth its weight in (Irish) gold, and trust me -- some places you DO need a translator." -- Hanne D., Washington, DC - August 2016


"Jack and Carol are really great about finding out what type of experience you're interested in - whether it be history, music, dance, alcohol :-), etc and then forming an itinerary around that to make the most of your experience in Ireland." -- Becca D., San Francisco, CA - July 2016


"They give a fabulous tour -- interspersing history and Irish culture with pure relaxation and fun." -- Barbara D., Springfield, VA - June 2016


"They go to great lengths to find those sites, B&B's, pubs, restaurants and evening entertainment spots that make your experience special." -- Frank S., Upatoi, GA - July 2015


"Jack and Carol set up the perfect tour." -- Marie R., Ashland, OR - May 2015


"The combination of natural beauty, interesting history and that wonderful music was delightful. I truly felt like I had encountered 'authentic Ireland'!" -- Susan S., Dacula, GA - July 2014


"Their knowledge of historical sites, restaurants, pubs and activities was a great combination of local and expat American perspectives. Their guidance went far beyond any of the guide books that we had consulted." -- Wayne J., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - June 2014


"Any traveler will be in very capable hands, and Jack has a nose for that snug little pub, wonderful restaurant and local music that makes you feel immersed in the 'real' Ireland." -- Marie T., Chapeau, Quebec, Canada - June 2014


"We had a fabulous time ... visiting the Cliffs of Moher, Kylemore Abby, ... (and) authentic Irish pubs .... The pace was relaxed, the fellowship authentic and warm." -- Bob S., Cumming, GA - October 2013